Investment Adviser

We are fiduciaries to our clients. AZ Apice Capital Management LLC is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm. For more information related to the ownership or management structure of the Adviser, please contact AZ Apice or visit

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Our Approach

A "Client First" philosophy, asset protection, and institutional access to global ideas are the bedrock of our approach.
As fiduciaries to our advisory clients, we focus on understanding client needs and financial goals. We work alongside our clients, often listening and other times steering the conversation to ensure client interests are always best served. We employ an ongoing consultative process to keep our clients well informed of opportunities that might be within their reach, given each individual situation. We always strive to find the best and most efficient solutions for our client's financial needs.
We approach wealth and portfolio management with the collective intellectual capital of the financial industry, filtering and taking care to note that no one person or institution has a monopoly on good ideas. We employ an academic and proactive approach within our portfolio management responsibilities in asset diversification with active rebalancing and efficient pricing to investment vehicles.

Asset Management Philosophy

Basic Principles

Strategic Allocation

A strategic allocation of assets is the great ally of long-term performance.

Asset Selection

The combination of top or ‘Best-in-class' managers and product providers is essential in leveraging strategic and tactical allocations. Managers that continuously add ‘Alpha' contribute greatly to a successful portfolio in asset allocation.

Tactical Allocation

Tactical allocations give the portfolio the agility to contribute risk-adjusted returns, taking advantage of market opportunities.


Diversification requires accuracy, understanding, discipline, and the technical ability to balance differences among asset classes.


Establishing Goals and Objectives

At this stage, we work closely with our customers to assess their current financial situation (current cash flow), helping to identify and prioritize both the short- and long-term goals within each individual's risk tolerance.

Defining Investment Strategies

Following our initial and basic understanding of each client, we work collaboratively in defining a strategy for allocating his or her resources in line with the client's specific goals.


Having mapped out a strategy, we begin the implementation process, considering best investment choices suitable to each individual investor's profile and objectives.

Periodic evaluation of results

Evaluation and constant monitoring of results is of utmost importance to examine tracking with the goals and objectives outlined.

Long-term scenarios

Identification of global and local trends based on industry macroeconomic and political foundations; scenarios produced by the industry's leading economists in our open-architecture platform.

Strategic Allocation (Long-Term)

Based on diversification of asset classes; quantitative analysis; projected / expected returns; long-term approach (ten years).

Investment Committee

Using a cross-section of industry-leading market economic forecasting; evaluation of short-term investment opportunities; and final alignment with all decisions compiled in the unique vision of the portfolios.

Tactical allocations

Short-term opportunities; adjustments to the strategic allocation of portfolios according to current market views; incorporation of new investment opportunities; shifts in strategic allocation: over-, under-weight and neutral to reflect these views.